Look at you, visiting our website.  You must be smart, sophisticated, attractive and have great taste. Of course you want the latest scoop on what’s happening around The Natural State.

What fans are saying:

“I listen everyday cause they don’t like Carol.”- Joe Exotic

“I believe listening to Small Talk Arkansas has made me a better man…which is truly remarkable considering I’m definitely a woman.”-Ellen Degeneres 

“Just imagine if I woke up one day and I was whack. What would I do then? Listen to these people? No.”
-Kanye West

We heard from a friend of a friend that these fine folks said all this about us. Did we verify? Definitely not.**

Small Talk Arkansas is a YouTube show started by two entrepreneurs who found themselves bored out of their minds and stuck in the house together during the CoronaCation of 2020.  

Join hosts Jason Martin and Tessa Wilmans and special guests as they discuss current events, entertainment, culture, and life in the Natural State.

They sum it all up in a bite-sized format that’s perfect for your commute, your first cup of coffee, or your generalized ADD.